Vivi Winkler

Here is just some photos of Brazilian fitness model and bodybuilder Vivi Winkler (Vivian Winkler). Pretty Girl with great physique now. But in near past she was overweight  and unhappy with her plump body. After several years of hard work, he achieved the goals – body of her dream! So guys and gals who looking for motivation – just look at her, She did it and you can do it too. Need more? Well Vivian isn’t just fitness model now, she is sponsored athlete, social media celebrity and social influencer.  Vivi can do what she love and earn on it. Isn’t motivation for you?

Secret of success of Vivi Winkler

There is no secret at all. Proper balanced diet and hard work.


Diet and Supplements

Her diet focused on carbohydrates and protein sources. Favorite meals is brown rice, chicken and salads. To keep her condition on top Vivi takes some supplement like Whey Protein Isolate. Her Pre workout is  vitamin A and vitamin D. Post workout contains vitamin C and Goji Berry extract.

Looking for more about Vivi Winkler? Find her profile at Instagram – she provides fans with regular videos of her workouts on social media.

Check her Instagram for more @viviwinklerwellness


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    1. Actually I don’t know and say more I don’t care. Even if she does. So what? Her great body is the result of hard work on it. Steroids can’t bulk your muscle without training like a beast.

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